Shipping Rates
How your order is shipped

If you place an order including items from more than one seller, your order will be automatically split in as many sub-orders as the number of sellers. Each order is shipped by each seller using reliable carriers selected by the seller himself.

Shipping is always paid by the buyer (unless of special promotions granted by the seller). Each seller usually does his best to offer the lowest shipping rates, which are always charged at cost.

Each seller will submit you a summary of your order, including the best shipping fee to your destination. Once the payment is done, the order is ready to be shipped (according to the delivery times previously claimed by the seller).

Merchandise is shipped at buyer's risk, and sellers are not responsible for losses or damages due to delivery. You can ask for insured shipping to each seller.

If you have already a delivery account with popular carriers such as DHL, FedEx or UPS you can send your account code to each seller, and he will take charge of shipping with no additional cost.

Your current shipping options are:

How Shipping is calculated

  • Shipping cost for each sub-order will be notified by each seller AFTER validating your order